How to Grow Produce through Vertical Gardening

04 Dec

Home gardening is often synonymous with "huge backyard" for most people. Truth is, you will be able to grow as many vegetables as you would like, even with a limited space, through vertical produce gardening. This gardening technique allows maximum production of fresh veggies and fruits right from your balcony or windowsill by using the proper techniques.  Even if you are living in an apartment building, you can grow tomatoes as well as cucumber vines covering up your exterior walls.

Here are a few suggestions on how you will be able to maximize your vertical produce garden's efficiency:

The main idea behind vertical produce gardening is to make  use of pots as well as other containers for holding or suspending soil, one on top of the other,  unlike the usual gardening plot where you have to spread them out. By so doing, you come up with a hanging garden arrangement that is able to support additional plants in contrast to what is normally feasible for a certain square foot of space. Vertical gardening is not only reliant on pots, but also on growing plants. Thus, you will have to learn about pot as well as plant suspension in order to really improve the efficiency of your vertical garden pots.  Vertical produce gardening makes it all possible to fully cover a wall with a variety of vines like tomatoes, peas, and cucumber.  

Another important thing you need to consider is the type of area where you are at. Some vegetables may either thrive better or poorly in your locality than others and all because of the climate. Before you embark on your home gardening quest, it would make sense to come up with your list of vegetables you're planning to cultivate at home, and  then do some research on every item in that list. You will discover that some of these are suitable to the climate in your area, while the rest only thrive in a different climate. It is always best to work with nature versus against it, particularly when you are dependent on nature to grow your crops.  Vertical produce and conventional produce gardening are similar in this respect, other than the fact that with vertical gardening one may have to grow much of the produce indoors. This is going to provide you with a little more flexibility as regards climate considering that plants cultivated inside will remain a little warmer when compared to those that are exposed to the outside elements.

If you don't have an expansive yard in the front or at the back of your house, then a vertical garden is the way to go. All you need is a little perseverance and diligence and pretty soon you will be harvesting the fruits of your labor from your vertical garden.

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